Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hooray for Mo Money!

Yay! Yip yip yip! I successfully negotiated a rate increase with my primary client yesterday. I'm so thrilled and excited!

It all started like this: I handed him a printed copy of The Impossible Beta Document, and he praised me repeatedly (including phrases like "not everyone can have a Shana on their team") on completing as much as I did, in the incredibly limited timespan and with incredibly limited resources. After we finished discussing aspects of The Impossible Beta Document, and he finished his praise (and also the pride he was going to have at today's management meeting where he was going to drop the document on the table and be the first to say "well, my part is complete"), it went something like this:

Me: So, about my rate. Can we negotiate that?
Client: OK. What are you thinking?
Me: $X
Client: What is your current rate?
Me: $Q
Client: [looks ponderous for a moment, mumbles a few calculations]
Client: OK. How's that?
Me: Great. Thanks!

There was slightly more to the negotiation conversation than that, but maybe only 3-5 sentences, and those were after he'd agreed to the rate increase. It really was that quick, and that easy to raise my rate. Though, I've been doing work for them for nearly two years, and this is my first rate increase. I also had just turned in The Impossible Beta Document. Did I time my request? You bet I did!

Hooray for mo money!

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