Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where's the cash?

So. I was out shopping with my mother today, in a (cringe) mall. We were in JC Penny's and she was buying a necklace. When she pulled out cash to pay for it, they had to check a couple different registers to see which had cash in it (the third register had cash).

Say what?

I was really surprised. Then, I realized how much everyone uses plastic these days -- the woman in front of us actually wrote a check(!). Even the clerk seemed a bit surprised when my mother handed her cash.

I can only assume that they simply had just opened up some of those registers (though it was after 1pm), and that's why they didn't have any cash. I'd really rather not consider that cash is so rare they think they don't need it at all their registers.

Or is this just a sign of how much American consumption has veered away from using cash?? Has anyone had this happen?

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