Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Famous! Well, for a few minutes anyway...

Imagine my surprise to check my site stats and see a huge surge in traffic in the last hour. Turns out, my Lessons I Wish I Learned Earlier is featured over at MSN's Moneyblog in the article Dear 20-somethings: Save early and often, and have fun.

I'm pretty pleased to get the exposure. Thank you Karen Datko, and welcome to new readers! If you enjoy what you read, please subscribe to my RSS feed on the right side of the page.


Howie said...

Congrats on the exposure! I hope to one day be lucky enough to be featured on a major blog site. Your post was very well written and as a 26 year old I feel very lucky to have learned these lessons early enough to make a difference. All you soon-to-be college graduates... Listen!

learning the ropes said...

congratulations Shana!
For a well deserved mention.
You go gal!