Saturday, March 1, 2008

February Update on 2008 Goals

So, here it is March already. Time flies, but I haven't forgotten my goals. Here's an update of where I'm at with each of them.

1. Pay off additional 40% of my [original] debt. This is coming along. I used my credit cards a couple times last month, so I've only paid down about 3%. That's lower than I'd like it to be, and I'm working on new projects that will supplement my main income.

2. Diversify my income. This is coming along quite well. I finished the first website for the new client, I've pet-sat a couple times, and I've started designing some jewelry (which I plan to have online within a couple weeks). This is going successfully.

3. Make more money. In conjunction with #2 above, I also negotiated a higher hourly rate recently and have just started seeing the effect in my checks. This, too, is coming along successfully.

4. Work more. Well, I've been working a bit less for my primary client in the past two weeks, though I've been working on more projects. This is coming along well, though I don't feel I can honestly call my progress with this a success...yet.

5. Invest. This hasn't yet happened. My emergency fund is almost to where I want it to be, so I hope to start investing [in at least a CD] this month.

6. Open and fully fund a Roth IRA. This hasn't yet happened. I still have the dreaded Ing IRA, though I almost have my target amount for opening the Roth IRA. So, while I haven't actually opened the new IRA, I've still been saving for it. So, this is should become a success in the next 1-2 months.

7. Use cash only. This continues to go well, and I'm still (in general) spending less per week since I started doing this. I do use my debit card now and then, though maybe only once or twice per week. This is a success.

8. Travel. I've not travelled this month, though I'm kinda sorta planning a trip to Mexico. I've been really tied up with petsitting, and will be for the next 2+ weeks, so this hasn't gone past me checking out airfares.

9. Build up the readership for this blog and cultivate a daily readership of 500 readers. This is coming along much better than in January. I'm getting a bit more established, I've had a bit of fleeting fame, and my RSS numbers are up a bit. The site stats say I'm getting between 75-100 average readers per day. If the coming months have the growth of the last two, I expect I will surpass this goal well before the end of the year.

10. Help my mother sort out her finances. Again, this is in progress. I've asked for updated documents and I hope to see her in the next 1-2 weeks to get these.

11. Snowflake. This is going quite well. My snowflake amount for February is over $300.

Like last month, I'm making progress, and I feel I'm track to meet each of these goals. I must admit it was quite useful to create this list, and to also have a forum where I hold myself accountable.

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Fabulously Broke said...

I'm on board for making more money this month. am slowly selling things off in my wardrobe LOL :)