Thursday, April 3, 2008

2008 Goals Update: March Redux

Another month has passed, so it's time to check in with the goals I posted at the beginning of this year.

1. Pay off an additional 40% of my [original] debt. This isn't coming along at the pace I'd like for this year... I'm hoping that the recent surge in work will help make up for a lackluster start to meeting this goal.

2. Diversify my income. Yeah. Yes. Si. Oui. Ja. Let's see, in the past month alone I've: worked for primary client, copyedited for a new client, sold my first necklace and (shameless plug for myself) listed several others on etsy, petsat, started building a new website for another client. I'm succeeding in this goal more than I expected for so early in the year.

3. Make more money. After a couple early year lulls, it is picking up. It's worth noting that some of the diversification from Goal 2 doesn't provide immediate compensation (e.g. the website is a fee-based project, and I have to wait for people to buy my sparkly necklaces).

4. Work more. Uh, yeah. See Goal 2...

5. Invest. Alas, this has not happened yet. My emergency fund is not yet at 3-4 months living expenses. It's a lot easier to use up an emergency fund than to restock it...sigh.

6. Open and fully fund a new (Roth) IRA. I'm still actively saving for opening my a new, Roth IRA. My heart is pretty much set on a Vanguard Roth, so I'm diligently saving so that I can make the $3k minimum buy-in.

7. Use cash only. This continues to go well. I do use my debit card a bit more than the first couple months of this year, but I'm comfortable with how I'm doing.

8. Travel. Next weekend, I will be heading to lovely Victoria BC, for four days of relaxation, walking around, and Roger's chocolates. If the weather's nice, I may try to make it to Butchart Gardens, though I don't know if anything is in season there yet. Really, I may just sleep most of the time, as I've been getting quite exhausted recently (if I didn't take a minimum of a long weekend, burnout and true exhaustion would be nipping at my heels soon).

9. Build up the readership for this blog and cultivate a daily readership of 500 readers. This is going well. My RSS numbers continue to increase (thank you faithful readers!), and more of you are leaving comments (which I greatly enjoy and appreciate -- it's nice to see comments of people who've found a post to be particularly relevant or thought-provoking).

10. Help my mother sort out her finances. This is still, unfortunately, kind of in limbo. I've received a couple updated documents, but nothing more. My mother is definitely of the "let someone else deal with it" mold, and isn't very proactive in getting me what I need. I'm also a bit wary to give Big Financial Advice, because of the impending recession. My current plan is to see how things have changed for her in the last few months, make a recommendation of my own, and ALSO recommend she talk to a financial advisor (I think she has one). She is slated to retire sometime in the next few years, and I want to make sure she gets the most of what she's saved.

11. Snowflake. Yeah, I've been snowflaking. Though I've only just decided how to apply the $300+ I snowflaked in February...


Fabulously Broke said...

Doesn't #10 drive you mad?

My mom's lack of interest in finances and money is what drove me to be so paranoid about it

To the finance freedom said...

Those goal are so fabulous, but I am in the midle of a disaster. So I have to redo my finance and then take this goal. Help me! read my story.

Kim said...

#3 is my big goal too. I think I'm to the point where I can't stretch my regular income anymore. If I want to accomplish my big three goals in 5 years I have to find another job. I do make $$ from blogging, but I am considering getting a part time customer service job that I can work at home.

Good luck with all your goals :)