Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why I Love Thrifting

I went out for drinks and dinner with a girlfriend last night, and she loved the skirt I was wearing. Her jaw dropped when I told her I'd bought it for $4.

I went thrift shopping yesterday, and I found tons of great things (though I didn't buy everything I found). Notably, I bought five nice, most likely new, skirts yesterday...for under $20. Yep. Five skirts for $20.

A couple of the skirts will be part of my Change The Color project (I already have a few things I want to dye). One of the skirts is particularly ugly (which is certainly why there were at least 30 of them at Goodwill), though I'm confident it will look great when dyed blue (or red).

I've been wanting some more skirts, and I felt like I hit the bonanza yesterday. Normally, there aren't a lot of skirts in my size (my size isn't all that unusual or extreme), though that was not the case yesterday. I'm pretty certain I was looking at the result of a lot of other people's Spring Cleaning. While I generally don't find huge numbers of things I want to try on, I tried over five things in one place, and probably ten or more in the next. Three of the skirts I bought are new, since they were obviously donated by Target; one looked brand new; and one was probably actually owned and worn by someone else.

So, if you're in the market for some new clothes, check out your local thrift stores. Drive to the nearest major city, if it's a doable drive, or go to the nearest wealthy community (I once lived in a wealthy city/suburb of 10k, and the thrift shops often had high-end clothes for $10...). The change of seasons is always a good time to find things. People are cleaning out their closets right now...take advantage of it!

I'll be off to at least one more thrift shop today...

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Fabulously Broke said...

You're getting me in the mood to go shopping... but I told myself that I wouldnt' do it until I cleared my wardrobe and donated all that I could :)