Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nope...Not Stiffed...

Apparently the IRS sends checks before telling you why exactly. My recent check wasn't an early, shortchanged economic stimulus check. I got a letter today explaining the check I received on Tuesday.

Instead of shortchanging me, the IRS decided to change my extimated tax total, which resulted in what I paid last year being a higher amount than what was due. Though, they took out a little as an underpayment penalty. That penalty was actually something I already paid for last year, so I'll have to call them and work that out. Or maybe they just took the penalty (which would make it particularly stiff) for me not paying my first quarter taxes this year (if you remember, that money went towards paying my entire tax bill for last year). Confusing, confusing, but I will get to the bottom of this and see if I can't get that extra bit, too.

So yay! Unexpected money!


Rachel said...

Unexpected money is always good! Hopefully my premium bonds will come up this month and I will get an unexpected cheque too!

Jerry said...

Ours came directly to our checking account. I'm not sure if I liked it but it was a nice unexpected surprise. We paid off one of our credit cards and that felt great. It's insurance for our financial future knowing we're making progress in that area. We've also been selling some of our needless junk to make some extra cash to pay stuff off. Feels good.