Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Do You Name Yourself?

So. I'm at a point where I need to create a proper business public profile for myself. My business feels like it's on the verge of turning the corner of true success, and I'm thrilled. This means I need to behave a bit more like a serious business owner (instead of the accidental business owner I sometimes feel like).

I need a clearer demarcation between personal and professional lines of communication. I need a website. I need an email beyond my personal Yahoo account. I need business cards.

All of these things, I can handle. In fact, I've already played around a little with designing the website.

But the real hurdle is this: how do I choose my business name?

I have a couple names currently at the top of my list, still, but I'm still not certain. Whatever I choose will be with me (hopefully) for quite a while to come, so I need to choose a name with the right gravitas and business sensibility and uniqueness. A friend suggested "[my last name] Communications", though I shot this down pretty quick, since my last name is as consistently mis-spelt as my first name is mis-pronounced...aka 95% of the time.

Another major factor is domain availability. One of my initial favorite picks was nixed because two other US businesses already have that name, and the URL wasn't available. Being anything less than #1 in a Google search for my business name isn't an option (and my current top pick definitely fits the bill), and I do not want any confusion over which company is mine. This isn't so much an issue now, since all my new clients are based on referrals, but I'm looking forward to my even more illustrious future.

The perfectionist in me is so hesitant to just buy my current top pick, because I have this self-doubt that tells me that as soon as I publish the website, print the business cards, and formally announce the business name, I will come up with some other, snappy, oh-so-perfect name. Why can't I be a snappy copywriter instead of a kick-a$$ technical writer, editor, and budding web designer?

Part of me wants to handle this now and part of me is hesitant to make such a big decision. While I know I can always change the name in the future, this isn't something I want to approach as a trial run or as something disposable. This is my business, and I'm going to do it right...the first time.

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Matt said...

Names can be changed and new companies created. I agree with your approach and yes you are stuck with the name once you go with it but the reality is you can always create new companies. Don't let it slow you down and congrats on getting to this stage.