Saturday, June 28, 2008

Side Income Spectacular

I know I'm self-employed. However, when forecasting what I plan to make this year, I only forecast based on what I expect to earn from my primary client. All other clients are what I consider secondary income, and what others might call snowflake income.

After working a little over 40 hours since Sunday (though it feels like far, far more), I decided to play around with the Crack Spreadsheet and see how my side income is stacking up.


Before getting paid for the project I will finish Saturday, I've already earned 10% of what I've earned from my primary client. This number will almost exactly double once I bill and receive payment for the project that's kept me crazybusy this since Sunday (and which will, mercy exists -- this project has been rough, be finished tomorrow). Which will mean my income will have been bolstered by 20% from my side projects.

Not too shabby.

Aside from what I'm billing for the crazybusy project, I really didn't think all the other streams of income added up to that much. I've sold more jewelry than I realized, and I've made more on the website work than I'd realized, too. Not a bad realization!

So, it just all goes to show just how much a little here and a little there can add up.

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Easy Cash said...

Mmm - That is not too shabby.

Sounds like a great way to make cash !