Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back In the Blink of An Eye

Whew. It doesn't seem so long since I was packing my bag...and now I'm unpacking it.


One week really isn't a proper vacation. Though, it was quiet, sunny, and I didn't come across any rattlesnakes, so it was quite nice. I'm fairly relaxed and somewhat recharged now, and that's the important thing. I have a ton of work to do this week, and my attitude is "OK, what's most urgent, and let's just start there and get it done."

I'm already thinking about another small trip, perhaps around my birthday (about a month from now). I'd love to go to New York or San Francisco. I love New York and would love to shop there and see some friends there. I've never been to San Francisco, and each friend whose jaw drops open at that tells me I'd LOVE it there.

Financially, I didn't spend much money at all on my vacation. Through random events, I never really got to go shopping, so that will wait until this weekend (because my day-to-day black shoes...well, the sole is so worn it's about to split...and the shoes aren't nice enough to even consider re-soling).

Finally, I had an article in last week's Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted over at Budgeting Babe.

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MoneyEnergy said...

I know what you mean about one week not really being much of any kind of vacation! I think 2 weeks is the perfect "refresher". I still need to start my own vacation fund. And when people want to give gifts, they can donate to this fund:)