Friday, July 11, 2008

T-14 to Vacation

In about 14 hours, I will be in the airport, waiting to hop the mini-jet for my 35 minute flight. It seems ridiculous and posh and decadent to fly to where I'm going, but like I've said, I'm allowing myself some splurging.

This past week, I've felt like I've suddenly lost a massive amount of brain cells, and I've been second-guessing some of the work I've done. Thankfully, nothing big has happened, and nothing that wasn't caught in review by someone else. It was sheer pleasure to finish today what I needed to have finished, and then to send an email reminding people of the vacation, adding "I will not be checking email." I may check email, but I certainly won't be opening anything work-related.

Really, I might try to go the whole time without checking email.

So now, I've packed my bag, done my banking and made sure the bills are paid, and tried to tidy my room (a failing activity at the best of times...I'm so not domestic(ated)...).

While I'm not planning on checking my email, I do have some posts partially-mostly written, and I will do my best to get a couple of them up next week. If I don't, please forgive me, and know that I'll be back next Sunday.

Have a great week everyone!

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