Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Lost My Wallet

I've done something I don't think I've ever done before: lost my wallet. It happened on Sunday, though am just now realizing it, since I worked from home all yesterday and never left the house.

I used something in my wallet at a grocery store Sunday night, but lucklessly, they don't have it. After my shopping, I walked home. The wallet is not anywhere it should be, or in the bag I was carrying, so I can only presume it fell out of the bag I was carrying when I was walking home. I didn't walk by anyone, so I know it wasn't pickpocketed.

Since more than 24 hours have passed, I think the odds of me finding it lying on the street are remarkably remote.

I can also only hope that whomever found it doesn't mail it to the address on my ID card, as I haven't lived at that address since 2004... A good reason to keep it up-to-date... Even more remotely, it would be remarkable if the person Googled me and found me that way -- they wouldn't find this blog, but they would find me on a couple social/business networking sites and would be able to contact me through those.

So, in the wake of having no plastic and only my passport as identification, I'm thankful I have my closet stash of cash. Otherwise, I would be SOL for getting downtown to get a new ID today, and then going to my client's office.

There hasn't been any activity on the debit or credit card, so that's lucky. I know what it takes to dispute charges, and it's not pretty and it's not brief. I also think I only had maybe $20 or so in US cash (I also had an Argentine 20 peso note), so I'm not out much there (remember, I tend to use cash far more than plastic).

I also found out that the local police precint doesn't even take reports of lost/stolen wallets. That was a surprise.

My only hope now, is that someone found it and turned it in to the police (I have a call in to the evidence officer).

There's still a remote chance it will turn up somewhere in my disorderly room, though I doubt it. My wallet is one of the things I always know the location of.

The good luck charms I carried in my wallet (it was actually a large coin purse) obviously didn't help me much on Sunday... Though, I'm quite sad to have lost the Turkish eye I bought in Istanbul -- it may have protected me from the evil eye, but it didn't protect me from losing my wallet...

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Bargain Briana said...

I would think in this day and age, they would take a police report on a lost/stolen wallet because if your identity gets stolen, they will want you to prove that you reported it! Hope you find it!