Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wallet: Found (and the Beauty of Simple Finance)

Yes, I bow my head in shame. I found the wallet.

Somehow, it got kicked under my bed. And yes, I did look under my bed yesterday. I think the wallet had been hiding behind the area rug and the leg of my desk chair.

It made me realize, though, as I sorted through the things in my wallet, that I really need to take business cards and such out of my wallet from time to time. I have several cards from people and shops and I realized I didn't have all that information recorded elsewhere.


I do have renewed faith in my good luck charms, and that's a nice thing.

It was a huge sigh of relief (and awe) when I saw the wallet just lying there. Yesterday was partially a hellish day because of the presumed loss of my wallet. Though, I realized that living a "simple" financial life is hugely beneficial. I mentioned to a couple people [yesterday] that I'd lost my wallet, and they all groaned. They all assumed I had tons of cards to cancel, and were all surprised when I said I only lost one credit card, one debit card, and my identification card.

Lesson learned: not having a wallet filled with plastic minimizes potential loss minimized and time spent cancelling cards. As it was, I spent maybe 45 minutes on the phone yesterday, talking to my bank, my credit card company, and a couple related phone calls. I did have to spend about two hours at the licensing office, for my new identification, though I would've had to get one in a few weeks anyway (it expires on my birthday this year, and that is only about three weeks away).

In all, having a non-consumerismistic (is that really a word?) lifestyle made the pain of losing my wallet a great deal less painful than it could've been. I have a girlfriend who has a much larger wallet than I do, with more credit cards, and I shudder to think of how much time it would take to call all those companies and banks...and then how much of a hassle it would be to not use those, since I'm pretty sure she definitely uses plastic much more than I do.

Because I have so little plastic in my wallet (my second credit card is never in my wallet, since I signed up for it strictly for a balance transfer), my liability in the event of my own carelessness, or in the event of theft, is greatly reduced. I've had credit card checks stolen before, and it was a MAJOR hassle to get those cleared up. There were repeated phone calls to the credit card company, affidavits to sign for each check used, and just general headaches from all the time it took me to monitor everything and make sure the credit card company was doing what they were supposed to.

So, I'm inordinately pleased that my supposed lost wallet was a victim of my carelessness in putting it where it was supposed to be, and from me kicking it under my bed. I'm also pleased to realize just how much less painful it was, since I only had the two cards to cancel.

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