Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potential Help for Unemployed Freelancers

On a whim today, I called up the unemployment office to see if there was any special aid being given to unemployed freelancers. I've read several articles about the financial stimulus plans, and the $800+bln plan Obama has, and I've never seen anything about the self-employed. A cut in my payroll tax isn't going to help me a lot -- one, I'm not making any money; two, I'm not paying anyone.

Imagine my surprise when the lady at the UE office told me there is talk of aid for unemployed freelancers. Hurrah!! There isn't any kind of timeline or details available yet, and she had no idea when those might be available. She recommended checking back on their website. She also said those who've declared themselves on their taxes as self-employed would get letters if and when this aid is available.

So, while it's not great news (e.g. aid is available now), it's good news to know that us sole proprietors haven't been overlooked in financial aid packages.

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On the Money said...

I hope the government assistance comes through for you. Sounds like some news that will need to be shared in this economic climate. Personally, I think there are opportunities that will arise in this recession ... it's just a matter of how long we can last until these are identified and developed. Good luck.