Monday, February 23, 2009

The Power of Changing Things Up

So, here is the result of (mostly) taking a week off my job search:

1. I'm a bit re-charged and raring to go;
2. I have plans for how I want to proceed (e.g. I need to start proactively contacting potential clients, instead of only reactively responding to ads).

Also, I have leads on:

1. A short project;
2. A 3-6/week contract job through an agency;
3. An ongoing relationship with a potential client.

Note that all three leads were the result of me responding to potential clients/the agency last week. One is a project with the guy whose backing fell through (though apparently he was able to get approval for a small starting project); the agency job I discovered through the daily email I get from Indeed; and the third is because I couldn't help myself responding to an ad on craigslist that would be small projects on an ongoing basis.

I also did actually do a little bit of work last week. I've been doing some work for a lady, and I edited and proofread a couple things last week. It doesn't pay much, but there is a lot to be said for receiving an email stating "I have this document for you to do" and then getting paid -- even if it is just a little amount. Also, the work is pretty easy and straightforward, and each project takes an hour or less.

I think the week "off" was quite successful. I feel like taking the week off attracted these things to me. Sort of like they always say when you're looking for someone to date, you'll find someone when you stop looking. I also feel like I've applied for work more selectively, instead of just blanketing my resume to postings which match my skills. Though, I'm not entirely confident that selectively applying for work in this economy is the best strategy...

So, I feel like I made headway in the work search, and I definitely made progress with my novel.

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Paul Morales said...

Yeah, I've begun to like to change things up in my life. I think, things should change every so often.