Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking the Week Off (Mostly) from Job Searching

So, after the particularly frustrating incident with the potential client, I vowed to take this week off from job searching. Too, I was already thinking about doing this. Four months of searching (yes, it's really been that long) is taking its toll on my energy and optimistism levels.


I receive an email every morning with job listings scraped from different sites, and today I saw one that isn't writing or editing related, but which is very similar to what I did back in the hi-tech days, so I'm thinking of applying. I know I could rock the job. It's also an FTE job...

Yesterday evening, I just couldn't help myself from briefly looking at the craigslist posts for my area (there were none that fit my skills).

Also, this morning I received a query from someone I queried, about writing an article for them. I said yes, asked them to clarify the content, and gave them an estimated delivery date (it's only 500 words, but it's a subject I have to research). I've also started doing a little bit of academic editing (it pays particularly low, but it's easy and it's a work self-esteem boost to see "I have a project, can you do it?" email in my inbox, and yesterday was the second project in a week).

It's been refreshing, though it's a weird change. I have to actively work on ignoring my drive to be constantly looking around the web for jobs and potential clients. Though, I am thinking about ways to expand my searching and how I want to move forward. I'm learning that even though I'm loathe to do sales, I need to step things up and start proactively contacting potential clients, instead of just responding to ads with the 100s of other writers and editors.

I've been spending time working on my novel, and that makes me happy. I've read of a lot of the genre I'm writing in, and I can see that my novel could make it, once all the rough spots are worked out -- and there are a lot of them -- and if I can find and agent and publisher (these are no easy feats, let me tell you). I participate in a couple of writing groups (one of which I lead) and they are invaluable in help keeping me on track and working.

So, it's weird to not be actively searching this week, though it's very refreshing and just what I needed after the new client falling through so spectacularly. We'd been having phone conversations and he'd been postponing meetings for upwards of three weeks, so that made it even more frustrating since I'd been led to believe the project was mine.

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