Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I Love Government Agencies

Remember how I said maybe there would be unemployment benefits for unemployed people?


I just called, and the woman on the other end of the phone went into stunned silence when I asked her about this. When she put me on hold and asked others about this, noone in the office knew anything about this. She was pretty stunned when I said yes, someone from your office *did* tell me this, a few weeks ago.

One hand not knowing what the other is doing? Someone trying to give me false hope? Who knows.

One thing that may be useful for other people though: if you last filed an unemployment claim as late as May 2006, you could be eligible for extended unemployment benefits. My last claim was January 2006 (this was right after my last stint working for someone else, and right before I went freelance), so I've missed it by a mere four months. Though, maybe it can help someone else out.

It's weird, not to mention extremely frustrating, when you get such varied information from government agencies, but there you go.


Jerry said...

This, sadly, is normal, I think in any bureaucracy. It's too big and most people don't know how to run things efficiently. So, it leads to folks falling through the cracks and getting bad information. Did she tell you that you had insurance or something?

Patty said...

We are confused by the Unemployment right now as well, and can find little or no information about it. Supposedly the extended benefits run out as of March 28th and if you have benefits past that you do not qualify for it. Ours run out one week later. The new stimulus bill is supposed to change that.... but nobody knows anything.... sigh they told us we would qualify for the extended benefits back in October....so confusing