Thursday, March 5, 2009

Only slightly MIA

I've been wanting to post, but this is one of those weeks that whooshes by and suddenly it's almost the end of the week. I'm still doing a little bit of work (hurrah!). It's not enough yet to cover my basic monthly expenses, but it helps take the edge off the emergency fund drain.

I also caught a particularly nasty 24 hour bug (food poisoning? flu? dunno...but suffice to say it was brutal), and I'm still reeling from being weakened so deeply, a day later.

One of my articles was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance this week, hosted over at Free Money Finance. Go and check out the plethora of great articles!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gaining Success

So, the agency lead didn't even result in an interview, and the short contract panned out (like I thought it would). However, I did interview with the potential long-term client, and I'm in the midst of doing a sample project (for pay), to see if I like it and I can do it well. It's not for technical writing. In fact, it's not a type of writing I'd ever really considered, though I feel I will do it well.

I've also had a ton of essays to proofread/edit, so I've had a nice little bit of busyness these last few days. This hasn't been yielding a ton of money, but for a couple hours of work a day, it's not shabby. More importantly, it's very nice in financial and psychological ways to have a bit of money coming in again.

In addition, it's nice to be working with (and potentially working with) ongoing clients. They are the best, and they are also the best for me right now, as I've been thinking a lot about living abroad for a little while. I've really been wanting to go back to Argentina, to the point I can viscerally remember what living there was like. If it goes well with the sample project I'm doing for the potential client, this is definitely something I am already considering.

So, things are starting to look up. I really hope it works out with this sample project, as it would be the beginning of a solid ongoing relationship with a new client. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Last week, one of my articles was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance, kindly hosted over at Broke Grad Student. The theme is the YouTube edition, and there are some clever videos included.

Go check it out!