Monday, April 13, 2009

Backup the Laptop (or Desktop)

This morning, my laptop showed a 'battery [something or other] or incompatible with your computer' error message. I clicked OK, and then my laptop just died.


I swore. I tried to call the store I bought it at (they're not open yet). I tried to remove the battery, but couldn't (sticky bugger) and I didn't want to force how I thought it should come out, and risk damaging it or the laptop.

Finally, I dug out my laptop documentation to verify just how to remove the battery, and with the help of a butterfly paper clip, I did. Thankfully, popping and reinstalling the battery did the trick and my laptop is working again. Though I do have battery-life problems, so I will be buying a new battery soon.

The moral of the story: backup your computer files. Now. Not tomorrow, not next week. I was ticked because changes to my novel weren't archived on my flash drive -- and my last backup was about three days ago...

I know it's easy to let time go by without archiving files, etc on an external drive, but do it.

Do it now.

(If you ever go through what I did this morning, you'll thank me.)

Now, I'm off to the first of two interviews today. Wish me luck!


Jerry said...

You're absolutely right. My mac was having troubles and I had to ship to have it repaired (I'm still on warranty). I went and bought a hard drive to back up. It's the only insurance for your files. We have a million pictures of our daughter and losing them would lead me to utter dispair.

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