Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I need a vacation.

However, I'm still not working enough to cover my basic monthly expenses. In addition, I'm looking at losing the two active (though minor) clients I have right now.

Aside from all this, it's been six months (six!!) since I lost my primary client. I've sent out my resume hundreds of times, done some piecemeal work here and there, and gone on a few face-to-face interviews. It's tiring. I feel myself becoming cranky often (which is not pleasant for anyone). And I need a vacation.

Yet, how do I justify the cost of taking a vacation? Part of me says 'well, if you aren't fresh and enthusiastic, prospective clients will sense that and will send you packing' and part of me says 'so what's a couple hundred bucks on the credit card?' I also know that I need to leave town, not just take a break from the work hunt [like I did a couple months ago]. Wondering if that perfect client will post an ad online in the time I take off is just counterproductive. If I haven't found a new stable of clients by now, what difference will several days or a week make? And I've responded to ads from some 'perfect' clients...and not received responses. So...

In the end, I'll probably head to Victoria BC for a few days. It's quiet, it's pretty, and there's not a huge amount of things to do, so I don't feel guilty if I'm not gogogo each day. It's still hard to think about spending the money for a trip, even though the benefits are pretty clear.

If only I could fly to Mexico for a week or two...sigh.

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Jerry said...

Sometimes getting a vacation is just the insurance you need for your sanity. Stress and everything else will lead to craziness of you don't take the time for yourself to regroup and put that "fresh" face forward. Good luck.